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Herbal Body Wraps!


The Facts About Traditional Herbal Body Wraps:

  • Only Work When You Wrap Yourself Up Like a Mummy: Herbal body wraps are only effective if you soak terry cloth strips in a bowl filled with the herbal body wrap solution. Then with the help of a very close friend or body salon technician, you need to wrap yourself in these strips and then soak in a tub filled with more solution!
  • Cost a Small Fortune: It will cost you around $200 for a real body wrap from a high end salon that will really work as advertised. Unfortunately, almost every body wrap sold online is made from less effective ingredients and will still cost you around $50 per wrap—for something that may not even work!
  • Set Aside At Least 3 Hours of Your Time: By the time you soak the strips, apply them to your body, soak for an hour, remove the strips, and then clean-up your tub and bathroom afterwards—it can take HOURS to properly apply a body wrap!
  • Make a Complete Mess and Smell Horrible: Be prepared to hold your nose while soaking in the body wrap solution—because they usually smell terrible! Plus, a lot of body wrap solutions are murky brown in color so be sure to not use any white or light-colored washcloths or towels!
  • Never Seem to Work: Body wraps really do work—but only if you are using the top end solutions and apply the terry strip cloths properly like a trained salon technician. If not, you are likely to be wasting both your time and money with an herbal body wrap!


Why Settle for Making a Mess Using Expensive and Outdated Herbal Body Wraps...

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